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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hometown Woman Endorsed for Cook County Commissioner!

I've only had the pleasure of knowing Jennifer Bishop Jenkins directly for a month, but I have discovered that we've been part of the same community web of friends for over 20 years.

I have to admit I've not previously been involved in speaking about Cook County politics, but I have been energized by Jennifer's candidacy. She is knowledgeable in regard to the necessary reforms to make the Cook County Board work for the citizens rather than the "business as usual" politicians. Jennifer has pledged to be a full-time commissioner who is dedicated to clean out the corruption and to be part of the team of board reformers.

Here are some of her endorsements:
"Jennifer Bishop Jenkins is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable candidate, and we endorse her as the best person to keep the new board president on a path of reform . . .We are impressed and encouraged by Jenkins' depth of knowledge of Cook County government . . . We believe Jenkins will be the "agent of change"
that is needed to make county government responsive again to the public interest."
- Pioneer Press (10-14-10)

"Few candidates for county board commissioner are as well prepared as Jennifer . . .
[We commend Jennifer's] understanding of the budget crisis and the role
criminal justice, healthcare, and a corrupt bureaucracy play in the fiscal mess."
- Independent Voters of Illinois

"Voters in many parts of Cook County should envy the residents of this district... Jennifer Bishop Jenkins appreciates the damage that taxation imposed by the County Board's Democratic majority has caused as businesses in collar counties steal trade from Cook retailers...Jenkins is an impressive candidate who deserves a future in electoral politics."
- Chicago Tribune 10-5-10

Every vote counts, especially if we want a voice in issues affecting our small communities. Please vote, and please join me in supporting Jennifer Bishop Jenkins for Cook County Commissioner!

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